Awaken Your Mona Lisa

Ah, how beautiful we women are! If only we knew, truly knew, exactly what we do to men. Oh, we know we are beautiful creatures. We knew it all along. We see the beauty in other women, but we seldom see it in ourselves. We, too, watch a beautiful woman walk down the street. In fact, if we are with our significant other, WE see her before HE does. And then we watch for his reaction. If he also admires her beauty, death to him, off with his head. But, weren’t WE just admiring her beauty, like, two seconds ago? C’mon, admit it! It doesn’t make you a lesbian to see these beautiful creatures for what they are – stunning, amazing, captivating in every way. Imagine the beautiful swan in the park, slowly gliding along the pond, head held high in all her glory. Do you feel green with envy when you imagine this? No, you just admire the beauty of it all. And would you hit your husband over the head for admiring it with you? No, you would see it as a romantic moment that the two of you have just shared together. So, why is this any different?

Think of water ballet. It is captivating to watch these women in synchronization moving to a beautiful piece of music and floating through the water. They are swans in human form. We sit in front of the television in giddy amazement at this sport. We may not ever admit it and may never be caught dead doing it ourselves as adults, although we may have done it as kids, but yet we are captivated by the beauty of it all. WHY?  Because women are beautiful – period. We float along, we move in ways that are awe inspiring to both men and women alike.

Did you even know that someone, somewhere today looked at you and thought you, too, were beautiful? They did! If you actually left your house, it was probably someone you met along the way. Something you said, or the way you moved your hair or the way you walked down the street, or sang in your car or put on makeup while driving or pushed the grocery cart. SOMEONE thought you were beautiful and you didn’t even know it, it went unspoken. Your very being is an art form. God created you to be so. You are a walking piece of art. Fat or skinny, tall or short, masculine or feminine, YOU are beautiful, because God created you to be so. And if you sat in your house, someone still thought you were beautiful. Someone, somewhere that you’ve met in your life, thought of you today, cared about you today, called or didn’t call today, but nevertheless thought of you and all that you are this very day.

Think again of the water ballet and now place a bunch of guys in the pool trying to do the very exact thing. We laugh (I think I’ve even seen this skit somewhere before). They do not have that innate ability to sway our emotions, to stir up inside of us the romance and awe-filled beauty that we possess. We are delicate, we float, our form is meant to be appreciated, meant to be candy to the eyes. And so we are. We all are, but we may not even realize it in ourselves, because we’ve hidden it underneath all of our hurts from the past.

It is as if we started out as the Mona Lisa at birth and slowly, painfully along the years, people came by and spit on us, threw trash at us, laughed at us, stuck swords in our side and ripped us apart. But the Mona Lisa image is burned into our minds. Think of the image now and you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye. Truly, nothing can destroy that image, nothing can take it away. We’ve seen the picture, the art form of the Mona Lisa and nothing can erase that from memory. We are able to remove the trash from the painting and see it in our mind’s eye the way it was meant to be seen in all its glory.

Now, can you do that for yourself? Can you remove the trash you’ve been dealt your whole life and see yourself as who you truly are, who you were meant to be at birth? Who you remain to be even today? Why is it so hard? Why does it require SO, so much work on our parts to return to where we were truly meant to be? The perfect, picturesque, beautiful Mona Lisa.

And some of you may say, like me, Mona Lisa’s not even that beautiful! And she’s not, by today’s standards. She’s not bone thin, she’s not extremely pretty, she’s not even any of those things that society today says she should be. But there is a mysteriousness about her, a gazing look about her, a robe ever so softly draped around her shape that says “I am Woman. You may love me, you may not, but I am who I am, and THAT is good enough!”

That is what the man who paid da Vinci to paint her thought. To him, she was perfect, she was picturesque and he wanted to capture that beauty for all time, for all men and women to see. And so he did! He thought she was lovely, and he painted her so. So, women, remember, if you are in a love relationship, they chose YOU! Not the beautiful woman walking down the street, not the one they may admire in passing by, as you did, and not the woman in the magazine. But you! YOU ARE their “Mona Lisa”.  You are their picturesque woman, the woman they chose. You have shown up for them as their Mona Lisa. And just like you can never erase the image of her from your mind, they can never erase the perfect image of YOU from THEIR minds. Forever, they will always remember the woman they fell in love with. They will never forget you, because the image is still burned, forevermore, into their minds. You at fifteen, at forty, at skinny or fat. You WERE their ALL. Just the way that you were. And you still are. Your essence has not changed. She is still inside of you, in all of her glory, waiting for you to call her out. She will wait there for you and she will give you a million and one promptings along the way to bring her back to her perfect state, whatever that may be. Only you KNOW what that perfect state is, no one can dictate that for you. Not society, not your husband, not your friends- only YOU. They can INSPIRE you back to who you were meant to be, but they cannot MAKE you become her again. Only you can do that. Because only you can want that, work at that and become that once again.   So take the time to find her again, because YOU are beautiful!



2 thoughts on “Awaken Your Mona Lisa

  1. A truly beautiful post. And so, so true. Each of us is beautiful, but for some they have this belief beaten out of them through life. This is such a shame. I remember going to a gallery once to see a photographic exhibition of such a varied array of people, from all walks of life, all ages, every look about them you can imagine, and it struck me, as I looked around – every human really is a beauty in themselves, their faces and their bodies tell their stories. For some, all that is missing is the self belief to know that this is true. I hope your post can reignite this belief for those people have may have faltered 🙂

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